Top 5 Binary Robots in Saudi Arabia: Experience A New Form Of Trading

virtualTrading in Saudi Arabia is not like the ones in the other countries, as we all know it’s a very conservative country with many restrictions.

With such stringent rules, imagine how trading will also have a controlled environment, but has still managed to make its entry here. That’s the greatness of it and it shows how the citizens there are also involved and interested in trading though any extra money that comes apart from their routine is denied there. So all the trading platforms who have established themselves there are all interest free accounts and trading happens like a gambling wherein money keeps rotating.

Let`s now see which are top binary robots which have intelligently and smartly made an entry in this hidebound country.Robot

  1. Empire Option Review – this robot made its entry very recently in the trading market and has shown a gradual improvement in its working and performance. It has proved a very good progress every year and aims at helping the investors with innovative trading. They have designed their trading platform with the latest and most advanced techniques which will help the traders to experience success in maximum of their trades. Apart from tugging in more traders to its website, it concentrates on the veterans by whetting their trading skills and tries to nurture the newbies with enough training and educational materials. To experience and enjoy all these you are required to pay just a deposit of $250 for which you will get a return of 85%. This has its presence in all the nations except a restriction to the Americans. They have also enabled the use of their software over the mobile phones through an interesting app.

  2. 10 – this is one binary options robot that provides the trader with a multiple asset options to choose from. They have good reviews and feedback from the traders who have tried their hands in their platform. They have proved their authenticity with their regulated trading rules and procedures and have strictly designed their website according to the regulations of the CySec commission. Their trading platform is user friendly and the asset options they provide are very innovative. They have strict regulations to protect the trader’s interests and investments.

  3. – this is one binary robot that enables the trader with a deposit bonus. It works on the spot trading platform and offers a return close to 91% for an initial deposit of $250. It gives the freedom of trading in all types of currencies and citizens of all countries except the US and Africa is allowed to trade in its platform.

  4. Zoom Trader – this has its existence in the market from 2012 and offers a simple yet successful way of trading. They offer a wide variety of features and asset options. All its attracting features tugged the online watchdogs and the research team to review this software. The returns that you can expect from this robot are 83% and allow deposit from people from all countries except the USA. The only disadvantage with this robot is that it does not offer a demo account for the traders to try their trading platform before placing their hands in real time trading.

  5. Boss Capital – this is a pioneer trading robot that offers a highly secured and profitable trading platform. It gives an excellent variety of asset options to trade on, close to 200 asset types and the traders will have an opportunity to choose from commodities, indices and forex choices. The traders are constantly assisted by the executives who work backstage to help them successfully trade and enjoy profits.

All the above binary robot options are all designed keeping in mind the religious beliefs of the country and they never deviate for any specific trader.

Banc De Binary Review: Get The Low Down

Banc De Binary is the most preferred binary trading option by the investors because their investment is in safe hands and also that it provides a secured trading platform.


The tools and techniques used by this software are all very safe and you will never be cheated. They are a very powerful trading application in the market providing honest and reliable trading signals enabling the trader`s to experience profits in 8 out of 10 trades which is really a very high ratio. It gives an exemplary trading adventure which not only encourages them to continue using the platform for further trades but also makes way for new traders to join the platform which intern adds to its fame and name by increasing the number of traders and amount of investment in its account. This is an added advantage. The new traders will also find this application very plain and simple and can easily gain an access into its trading field by just making a deposit of $250. They also help them with tutorial materials briefing their process, assets and trading procedure and if necessary, on the demands of the traders, this software also arranges for a training session wherein they will be introduced to the expert traders. In this session they will come in contact with some of the professional traders in the market who share their trading experience with the beginners. This gives an insight to the newbies regarding trading and will instil in them the confidence to boldly step a foot forward in the trading platform.

MakingmoneyWith more and more investors joining its platform, the application also upgrades its website with the latest in the market to help the traders have an edge over the others or at least stay on par with the other traders. This is not it, they also bring in new concepts or update and upgrade the existing information to best suit the needs and requirements of the traders. The demo account they offer is one speciality that brings in more traders to this software. This will help the traders to have a firsthand experience in its trading field and will enable them to decide if it fits their expectations before they enter into real time trading. The demo account though offered free, needs a minimum amount to give an access to the trader. This feature is not offered by many applications which are big drawback. They provide many bonuses and promotional offers to the traders. The latest is that the new entrants will get 3 risk-free trades for their account.

Their trading platform popularly uses the spot option trading that enables 30 seconds, 60 seconds, ladders and many other types of trading for the traders to choose from. You can read and this information about The Auto Trading Software.

The Banc de Binary is waiting at the platform today, go take your seat and enjoy deep pockets.

24Option Review – Round The Clock Service Crew

24option24Option binary trading platform, like any other trading platform had to undergo the rigid review by the online watchdogs and the panel of expert traders only to emerge as a best and trustworthy trading platform. There are many reviews by the traders complaining that it is not legit and is a scam. But these are not true because all these are by traders who have just tried for once and have experienced a loss at the first go. Trade is uncertain. It does not promise you profits all the time but definitely maximum times. So any trader who is interested in this must look at only the positives and neglect all the negative reviews. The software itself recommends you to give a glance at its website to have a better understanding of its features, advantages and its workings.

Complaints Detaining 24Option

  1. Major drawback many traders bring to the table about it is about its tricky trading platform. Nothing comes to us without hurdles. If you have to reap the benefits of this trading software, you need to do some homework; go through its website completely, understand what it says about its process and then make the deposit. It is true that the trading field is little difficult for the fresher’s but with constant use it is nothing.

  2. Next major complaint about this software is the bonus that it offers. For every deposit of $2500 it generates a 50% bonus. The trader without patience greedily expects this immediately after he makes the deposit, which is not possible. Every software clearly specifies all about its offers and bonuses and their payment modes in their terms and conditions. That is why it insists the traders to give a look at them before making an initial payment.

  3. Sometimes traders lose track of their trade in the trading platform, especially in case of 60 seconds trading. This is not the case with 24Option alone but is very common in the trading field, which the traders must understand.24Options

All software warns you not to accept anything that comes to you free. Likewise, they also recommend you not to go by the bonus trap of softwares. There are websites, which mesmerize the traders with their attractive offers only to loot their wallets and offer nothing in return. It is a serious advice to the traders to clearly understand the website in full, and make their deposit only if they feel comfortable trading with their brokers and assets. Amidst such fraudulent applications, it is one genuine and trustworthy software that can help you realize your profit dreams. Moreover, if it has to gain a good name with the expert panel, it should have gone through all the tough tests. Therefore, you can trade with it’s with full confidence and enjoy profits.

Binary Options Robot – Realize Your Profit Dreams With This Juicy Mango

ChaartBinary options robot is an auto trading platform designated and developed to help the traders in the trading process.

Some of the binary options softwares restrict manual interference and limit them at the first stage and thenceforth your trade are taken care by a binary robot. But there are also softwares that give the trader a choice between either manual operation or a robot operation. It is up to the trader to select from the two depending on his interests and comforts. For traders, who take up full time trading, it is possible to dedicate a considerable portion of their 24 hours and hence can take up manual operation and avoid their replica working for them. One way this is advantageous because, when you do trading all by yourself, you are at freedom to select the asset you want to trade on, choose the correct trading strategy and plan your trade according to your convenience which is not the case in auto-trading where a robot works for you. Your duty ends when you pay the initial money and take a legal login into the official website of the trading software. From there on, it is the binary robot that will appoint a broker for you, work in liaison with them and place your trade automatically when it receives the apt trading signals. This option best suits those who cannot devote more time towards trading and have taken up trading only on a part time basis.

Robots Path Towards Your Dream

Having discussed so much about the robot, let`s now see how it works to help you achieve your dreams. This robot is an in-built software designed to listen to the system as well as the traders and work connecting both the ends. Once you opt to trade using an auto-trading platform, the robot starts the process based on six market indicators. They are

  • Trend

  • MACD

  • RSI

  • Stochastics

  • Williams

  • CCI

SaveBased on these indicators you will start receiving the trading signals from the market. The first step starts with taking a login into the trading platform. This you can achieve by making the initial deposit of the specified amount by the software. This amount differs from one software to the other. This will lead you to the official website of the application wherein you will be provided with the basic information like the owner details, a small flashback about him, its features and benefits it intends to offer the traders. Along with this, you will also be able to see these six indicators on the same page. You will be prompted to select one to continue with the trading procedure. Your selection will be intimated to the in-built binary robot and based on this it will start looking out for signals from the market.

The next step to this is the selection of currency you would want to trade with, the system that should support your trade, the expiry of your trade and the value at which you would like to trade. Once all this is done, the robot will register all the options and carry on the trade according to your preferences. Now if you have read the above paragraph vigilantly you should have shot a question regarding the types of systems, which we have not come across anywhere. Let us now discuss this in detail.

Some of the binary trading applications, as discussed above, not only give you a choice between manual and auto trade operations, they also give you a list of systems to select from. This is one amazing feature that has not failed to attract many traders to its platform as expected and this is not available with all the trading softwares in the market. These broadly classified systems are:

  1. Classic System – this system never disturbs you regarding the trade value every time and continue with the amount specified initially whether you win or lose that trade.

  2. Martingale System – this system automatically resets the amount after every trade based on the results. If you win a trade, it will continue with the original amount and in case you incur a loss, it will increase the amount for the next trade.

  3. Fibonacci System – this is just the opposite of the above system. Here the trade size will increase following a win situation and decrease when the trade fails.

Now that the system is set, analyse the software as to what is the return it is going to offer you for your investment.

Honoring Your Investment

investmentThe software understands that it is your hard earned money that comes to its hands and hence strives to win the trade for you the maximum number of times. It respects you as well your money. A software declaring a win rate of 70% is normal but any software that claims to give an 85% return needs some reviews. It might be true with some applications but not all. There are some swindled softwares in the market that claims to offer the trader high returns to attract not the trader but only his money into their accounts. So the trader should be alert, do a proper homework and then decide on the software to be opted for trading.

A win-win situation is not possible all the time because a system is a system and it can never match a human brain. It works based on the indications from the market, which are prone to changes every minute. And such signals might not work properly in congested and heavy markets. So a trader should understand the fact that the minimum return a software can and should offer is close to 75% whether it is 15 seconds or 60 seconds trading.

Ironically there are also legit softwares that are ready to offer the trader an 85% return on their investment. Binary option robot is one such software that will help you gain these fantastic returns whether it is a manual trade or an auto trade. But it is always recommended that you do your trade yourself without any dependence so that you can justify your results and simply not blame the system for any losses. Any result is the outcome of your action.